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The Four Things are everyday guides for doing the right thing, for reconciling the rifts that divide people, and for cutting through old history—because you just never know.

Powerful real-life stories culled from Dr. Byock’s and other counselors’ patients who used the Four Things in all sorts of life situations show the possibility of interpersonal healing and wholeness, even in the wake of tragedy or the face of death.  From a granddaughter’s last days with her ailing grandmother to a teenage girl’s first hour with her estranged father, these stories are “Every Day with Morrie”, enabling readers to imagine how they can use the Four Things in their own lives.

These eleven words can improve all relationships—at any time. Using the Four Things, Dr. Byock also reclaims the traditional meaning of “good-bye” as “God be with you”—a blessing that we all can use, whether parting from someone for an hour, a day, or at the end of a lifetime.

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